Limo Service to and from Empire Adventure Park Westbury

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to and from Empire Adventure Park

Limo Service to and from Empire Adventure Park Westbury

New York has never been short of fun destinations and when something new is introduced, trust Long Island Limo Rental to be on top of it. So, are you a fun lover looking for new destinations to explore? We are excited to take you to the new Empire Adventure Park! 

We have the perfect limo package that will take you there in comfort and style. We introduce to you our new limo service to and from Empire Adventure Park Westbury New York

Highlights of the New Indoor Amusement Park in Long Island 

Recently, Empire Adventure Park signed a ten-year lease with Samanea New York. The lease is to bring a new exciting indoor amusement park to the renowned Long Island mall. 

It is a 35,000-square-foot indoor amusement park. The construction has commenced, so it is something to look forward to. You can look forward to the opening of this first-of-its-kind indoor park between September and December this year. 

The park will be situated on the 2nd floor of the Westbury property and will offer more than ten safe indoor activities and attractions to guests. 

When the Empire Adventure Park eventually opens, Long Island Limo Rental will be available to take you there in class and style. Trust our limo rental Long Island for your transportation arrangement.

Who needs Party Bus Rental Long Island to Empire Adventure Park?

Empire Adventure Park will be a family-friendly attraction destination, which means it is a place where the whole family can visit and have fun. So, for people with large families, cramping up in a car or driving different cars to the place would not be convenient. 

Instead of the stress, you can use our party bus rental Long Island to convey everyone to Empire Adventure Park. We assure you that it will be an amazing ride for everyone.

What Attractions to Enjoy with Limousine Service in Long Island with Empire Adventure Park 

We understand that you can choose any transportation method to arrive at this adventure park. However, if you want to have the best of experience from the start of your journey to the park to the end, you need a bespoke vehicle. 

That is where our Limousine Service in Long Island comes in. You can have pre-adventure fun to get you in the mode for the excitement to come. 

As you look forward to a memorable ride in our limo rental in Long Island, you can also look forward to all the attractions that Empire Adventure Park has to offer. These out-of-the-world attractions include:

  • Trampoline Jumping
  • Ninja Obstacle Course
  • Laser Tag
  • Climbing Walls, Trampoline Basketball dunk zone
  • Virtual Reality
  • Fully outfitted with toddler/kids zones, and a lot more

Why Choose Limo Service Long Island to and from Empire Adventure Park

Empire Adventure Park will undoubtedly pull a crowd at its launch. That means the traffic around the area will be heavy. So, imagine driving to this destination with your family? 

For a start, getting a parking space will be a challenge and then the stress of navigating through the crowd of vehicles and people will dim the fun of visiting the amusement park. 

So, instead of going through the trouble, why not choose a limo service Long Island to and from Empire Adventure Park

You are sure to have an amazing time with your family all through the ride. You also will not have to worry about navigating through the busy road or looking for a parking space. Our chauffeur will get your family there safely and drop you off at the entrance. 

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