An A to Z Guide to Becoming Royalty at This Year’s 2023 Prom Night

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An A to Z Guide to Becoming Royalty at This Year’s Prom Night
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High school prom night is a much beloved and old trope in the TV and film industry. Prom limo, after all, there’s a reason movies like “high school musical”, “10 things I hate about you” and “perks of being a wallflower” feature it so heavily. There’s something almost resonating of cultural significance when you hear the words, everyone’s heard dozens of stories about it, it’s as if it were a sacred tradition or rite of passage on its own. The end of senior year post-finals Prom is a chance for students to kick back and relax one last time as a batch. The reason that prom night is treated as such a cultural gem is that it’s meant to be an almost magical experience and part of high school, supposedly the best and most memorable night of your teenage years. It is understandable then, for the need to look your absolute best at prom, this guide will help you do just that. From dressing up to commuting to prom, we’re going to cover every last detail to ensure you have the most fun you possibly can!

How Much Does Renting a Prom Limousine Cost?

Long Island 2023 Prom Limo Pricing and Packages

Picture Vehicle Passenger Capacity 6 Hour Prom 10 Hour Prom Add'l Hour
LINCOLN MKT SEDAN 3 $400 Call Call
LINCOLN MKT LIMO 7 $800 Call Call
TRANSIT LIMO BUS 12 $675 Call Call
SPRINTER LIMO BUS 12 $725 Call Call
29 PASSENGER LIMO BUS 29 $1550 Call Call

Top 3 Prom dress shops- Long Island, New York’s Most Glamorous (For the Ladies)

Perhaps nobody anticipates for Prom night more the start of every senior year more than girls do. With years’ worth of hearing the hype around it, it’s almost a rite of passage by the time you reach your final year. Prom night is the one night that girls have a free pass on treating themselves. Whether it’s expensive dresses or getting ready at salons to look their absolute best, girls love celebrating the entire affair in the most flamboyant manner as possible. If you are at a crossroads about which stores to visit for the perfect prom dress ( a vital component of your entire look) then look no further, we’ve prepared a list on the top 3 places near you that have been overwhelmingly judged as the best of their kind.

  1. New York Dress: 

Has immense variety, with categories specifically ranging from longer to shorter prom dresses. Their designer prom dresses can tend to range from high end to a more budget-friendly variation. And in addition to having the latest available designs and one of the largest selections to choose from, they also one of the largest online stores in the area. This allows you to enjoy an easier shopping experience from the comfort of your own home, as well as having a greater degree of control on the selections you view. You can visit them online prom dresses for girls

  1. Sugar Plum Store:

They promise a magical experience, and they manage to deliver. Although transactions are online on its website it takes much of the risk out of wrong sizing by taking measurements and sizing from in-stock styles of the dress you order. They contain much of the top brands and have thousands of dresses in the selection they offer. Visit there website for Long or short prom dresses in cheap price

  1. Pzaz Dresses:

PZAZ DRESSES has not only been voted “Best Prom Store” by News 12 Long Island, but they have also been featured in VOWS Magazine, and have been awarded a JOVANI “Recognition of Excellence” award for three consecutive years. As a store that has been successfully operating since 1979, it’s no wonder it’s built up a dedicated and loyal fanbase. With over a hundred Yelp reviews giving it 5 stars, it a must visit for any girl trying to find the perfect dress for the big night.

Top 3 Prom Tux- Long Island, New York’s Classiest (For the Gentlemen)

At the end of the night, everybody wants to leave with great memories of the event, so what better way to commemorate the occasion than with prom pictures. In order to achieve something worth looking back at decades from now opt for a more eternal look, your best shot will be to go for something snazzy and classic, the Tux. In the case of menswear, they have the added advantage of being able to rent out a tux instead of buying one, after all these things barely need to be worn anyways. So it should be fairly less expensive finding the right fit for yourself.

  1. Esquire Tuxedos:

At Esquire Tuxedos not only do they cover alterations that other stores would not even attempt. With over 30 years of experience, they ensure proper measurements and alterations making you look great and feel comfortable on your big day! They even have prom packages for rentals in groups and have quite a large selection to take a gander at, with features of styles from leading designers, it’s hard to go wrong here.

  1. Jack Silver Formalwear:

For more than 60 years, Jack Silver Formal Wear has been providing fine clothing to clients who want to look their absolute best. Whether you’re renting your first tuxedo for your high school prom or you need a stylish suit for an award-show appearance, and they’ve got you covered. Not only are they priced really affordable, but they offer same-day service upon request in case you are running exceptionally late. What’s more is that they’ve catered to some of the biggest names in entertainment and media, from the Tony Awards to prominent stars like Daniel Radcliffe, they’re unsurprisingly popular.

  1. Woodbury Mens Shop:

Impeccable fit and style, they boast one of the greatest Italian suit collections and also provide prom services for your needs. Customers frequently compliment the helpful staff and incredible customer service. The quality is even better, their style catalogs have some of the latest styles and designs and paired with their impeccable fitting, you are sure to look and feel great.

Top 3 Shops for Prom Shoes – Long Island, New York’s Finest Look

After you’ve decided on the perfect prom dress, it’s time to complete your look with some gorgeous shoes. You could go for the comfy variety of flats if you plan on dancing the night away, or if you’re extra daring to take a chance on some fine stilettos. Whichever style you may choose, make sure it complements your outfit perfectly. Here are some great options for just about anyone!

  1. Macy’s:

Macy’s boasts a great selection of shoes online, seeming to have almost every style you could want. From Haute heels to comfy and pretty pumps. You can even keep your look sleek with pointed toes featuring bejeweled detailing or satin peep-toe platforms.

Ballerina and d’Orsay designs are a major selling point and the online filtering process should be easy enough to navigate.

Some of their most popular designs have to be their prom style shoes, even allowing you to distinguish shoes by brand.

  1. Famous Footwear:

Celebrate and find your favorite dress shoes for special occasions here, from chic women’s heels “for a touch of elegance”, tonight out flats (cute and comfortable!), they have an amazing selection to choose from. They even have great men’s formal shoes to really tie in your tux look! ” No matter the event, you’ll look great—and feel great—in the perfect pair of formal shoes for men and women”

  1. David’s Bridal:

Although their main focus IS admittedly bridal wear. Their prom sections are almost equally bedazzling. From prom dresses to their shoes, they even have any extra accessories you might want. With an entire section simply on the latest prom trends available on their website for some style inspiration, you can be sure you will look the trendiest on your special night! With beautiful intricately designed heels as well as funky semi-formal wedges, you can find everything you’re looking for here.

Top 4 latest 2023 prom hairstyles for women:

Now that you’ve got the outfit prepped up and ready to go, let’s move onto hair. Sometimes whipping out extra cash to get ready at a salon just isn’t worth it, I mean who wants to spend so much for a look that only lasts a few hours? And often, these places are so overbooked close to prom time, that your best bet is to just DIY the entire thing ( bonus: more money to spend on prom accessories instead.) When it comes to prom hairdos (and don’ts) you have a few styles that really stay classic, we’ll be teaching you how to do some of these right here to save you the trouble. However, practice does make perfect and a good idea would be to try these out a week in advance so you know how much time and effort it would take you to rock the look.

  1. Sophisticated waves:

You can’t really ever go wrong with this one. It’s a classic for a reason after all. Fun and light, easy to move around in and even easier to do at home. For a special wow factor go for this if you have normally straight hair, the change will be jaw-dropping

Sophisticated waves-hairstyle-for-prom-event in long island

After a shower, spritz on some volume texturizing spray while your hair’s still wet (towel dry), a salt spray would work well here too and let your hair air dry. If you want to make it look neater, grab a section of hair above your ears (2 inches would be ideal) and pin it to sleekly to the side. Use a cute clip and if you want to stand out even more pin in some smaller flowers that complement the color of your dress. Finish the look with a smoothing cream at the ends for some extra definition and volume, and spray to hold it in place. (bonus tip: use some hairstyle lightweight gel on your hair while it is wet if it happens to be particularly silky and straight)

  1. Fairy Florals:
    Fairy Florals hair style maker in long island for prom

If you want a particularly casual instagramable look that just about screams music festival vibes too, look no further. This look would be perfect for soft wavy or curly hair that’s about mid-length. If you happen to have shorter hair, using extensions should help you increase the overall look.

Separate your hair into 2-inch sections and create soft waves with a flat iron or straightener, then starting above your left ear braid back your bangs and continue for the rest of your hair. Add in some dainty little flowers for a fairy-like feel, you’ll look like a dream.

  1. Twisted Flower Crown Hair Style for Prom Event
    Twisted Flower Crown hair style maker in long island for prom event

Another classic updo that’s arguably hard to top. This one gives you an ethereal vibe especially when paired with pastel-colored mini flowers like mauve or baby blue. This looks impressive with mid-length or longer hair and should work for most hair types.

Start with spraying dry shampoo on your hair, this allows for it to be easier to work with, then separate your bangs from the rest of your hair and divide them into two equal sections or halves. Twist these sections around each other very loosely as a sort of lazy braid and secure the ends with a bobby pin. Work the remainder of your hair into a low, loose bun using the back of a comb for some added neatness, and finally create a crown in the separation spot between your bangs and the rest of the updo with some mini flowers. Using real blooms makes sure you smell great all night too. Pin in the flowers in small bunches making sure not to overdo it.

  1. The twisted updo (for natural hair):

If you happen to have incredibly curly hair and want to rock those curls on prom, this is the style for you. The flat twisted updo gives you immense volume and makes for an impressively sleek style.

Start by dividing your hair into three sections: one large one at the top and front and split the back to two. Then wet your hair slightly with a spray and apply mousse before you twist your hair from the bottom up using a classic flat twist technique. Repeat the same technique through the entire back of your head and on one side of the front, clip in place. Use flexi rods or curling iron to neaten up the other end of the front into larger curls. Finish with a hairspray

Top 3 latest prom hairstyles for men:

A lot of time can go into making men’s hairstyles look as calm and effortless as they actually come off, of course, a lot of these are going to be pretty straight forward because there’s only so much you can do with men’s hair.

  1. The Slick Side-Parted look:

This one looks great for formal events with tuxes on. It requires the hair to be parted and slicked back diagonally on either side of the hair parting, do this with a bit of gel to hold your hair in place.

  1. The ideal 2023 prom look:

Start by wetting your hair, then apply a pre-styling spray. What this does is give your hair hold and texture to help while styling. Now part your hair from the sides, this will help make blow-drying easier. After you have blow-dried upwards to confer extra volume to your hair, add some hair wax and blend through the rest using a comb or your fingers.

  1. The ‘Shaggy’ Look:

The ‘Shaggy’ Look is meant for medium length men’s hair, here the hair covers most of the forehead, whilst almost dropping down and curving to one side. Looks great on preferably wavy hair. Use some gel to slick down the hair in front and hold it in place, comb your hair down the length of the head on all sides, giving it a more casual look and finish with some setting spray.

The best prom makeup tips and tricks to get you in that royal look:

Working out which makeup goes best with the lot can be the trickiest, but it doesn’t have to be if you know the right tricks and ideas. With just a few simple techniques, you can transform your entire look and look like true royalty for the night.

  • Peachy eyes:

This look is one of the most popular for an undisputed reason. The reason being, a color transition of light and shimmery to peachy colors are almost unbeatable. This prom look is definitely it. Pretty, feminine, and shimmery-splendid too. It’s got prom night written all over it! Use lighter shimmers in the inner corners and ball of the eyelid, and slowly blend into darker peachy shades towards the end. Finish with a black liner in a wing, and some highlight underneath the brow.

  • Black and Silver Smokey Eye:

This was to be expected, the smokey eye is perfect for any special event.

Start this one off with a bit of light pink on the entire lid, apply a brown shadow on your crease with a brush, this will act as your transition color. Next, apply black eye shadow on the outer corner of your eye, blend it slightly with a metallic grey shade towards the center of your lid. Use some more brown shadow to blend the edges into the crease for a neater look, and finally finish the entire look with some eyeliner.

  • Glitter lower line:

This one is perfect for some slight sparkles in your look without overdoing it.

Apply a dusky pink or neutral top lid look and use a wet angled brush to streak golden glitter shadow along the lower lash line.

Prom Event’s Some good general tips to remember:

  • ALWAYS use a primer before you start, this is important to keep your makeup in place for the rest of the night, for extra protection use a setting spray at the end.
  • Experiment with some of the above-mentioned looks with swapped colors if you have something else in mind.
  • Use setting powder on your eyes and eye bags to prevent makeup creases post foundation.
  • As a rule of thumb if you’re already going for a bold lip then go for nude eye color or vice versa, draw attention to any one of your best features.
  • A touch of glitter is always a good step towards truly amping up your whole look.
  • With eye makeup, try to incorporate light or almost white shades on the innermost corner of your eye to really open them up and make them pop. Another good example of this would be to use white eyeliner on the bottom lid of your eye to make them look bigger.
  • Swipe some foundation on your ears! This is a great tip for when you’re going to be dancing all night otherwise your ears will come out red in pictures
  • If you happen to be wearing a dress that’s strapless or mini, rub on a lotion with a shimmery tint and dust your shoulders and collarbones with some highlighter and bronzer for some extra radiance.
  • Opt for cream eye shadows instead of powdered ones, these look richer.
  • Half your fake lashes, this makes them easier to apply.
  • Use tape or a card to get that perfect winged look with your liner. Bonus tip: layering a bright glitter liner below your black one really makes darker colored eyes pop!’
  • Smell nice way into the after-party by rubbing some petroleum jelly on your wrists and ears before you spritz them with your perfume, it helps the scent hold onto something.
  • Get a natural-looking foundation by applying to the center and then blending outwards, this is especially important with an updo.
  • pack some painters tape along with you to catch any stray glitter or liner fallout under your eyes, it won’t remove your foundation.
  • -Blotting your lips slightly before applying the second coat of lipstick helps create a matte finish.

Making that Royal Entrance – The Top 2023 Prom Limo Service in Long Island, New York

Prom is one of the last times to make a major impression, it’s your time to stand out and leave a lasting memory of you with everyone. The best way to do this is to make sure your entrance is grand. Arrive in style to the biggest high school event of the year in the top prom limo service in Long Island, New York. To really make a royal entrance, you can never really go wrong with the old classics. Once you’re done with the perfect overall prom look, you’ll definitely want to be seen at the venue when you arrive, queue imagination paparazzi waiting to capture your big entrance. Make plans to go with a group of friends (including your date if you were more fortunate than the rest,) book online one of our prom limos and plan your big moment!

The time it so that you’re right in the middle of awkwardly early and fashionably late, after all, you want the most amount of people there to see you. Book from the prom limo service in Long Island, New York as early as possible to make sure you get one and leave the rest to us.


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