Long Island Prom Limo Packages and Pricing

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PROM Limo Packages Long Island NY

prom limousine service long islandlong island new year eve party limo serviceHire Long Island Prom Limo Service – Make a Grand Entry

Prom is undoubtedly one of the most important and monumental moments in a high school student’s life. A milestone that marks the beginning of adulthood and the last night in high school. Naturally, you don’t want to just fade out like something insignificant. You want to go out with a bang leaving a mark and creating the fondest, most special memories for yourself to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Long Island prom limo service gives you the unique opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest of the senior year batch. Limousines have always been the classiest way to bring both, your prom date, and you to the event while everyone watches in awe.

Prom limousine service long island

To make it easily accessible for the young adults, not only do we offer the best long island prom limo pricing and the ideal long island prom limo package in the area, but a unique, memorable, and unforgettable experience. Pick your date in the best prom limo in long island and leave a lasting impression on them and everyone at Prom when they see you come out of the most elegant, black limo, step out and extend a hand to escort your date out of the limousine and towards the prom event like something out of a movie scene.

Prom Party Bus Service Long Island
long island prom party bus pricing

Whether you’re a group of high school seniors, or the event organizer looking to give the graduating youngsters a prom to remember, we offer a prom party bus Long Island service. The destination only holds half of the event, enjoy the other half, together with all your friends and classmates while the party bus picks you up from all over long island and make the most out of the last night as a class officially. Make lasting memories, sing songs and explode party poppers or whatever else you can get creative with.

Top of the line equipment and specifically designed entertainment is focused on making sure your evening is a blast.


We have a very carefully designed list of procedures to ensure our motto of safety first. Our drivers are professionals that understand and follow our principle for safety and are well-trained in driving the vehicle. We have just the right Limo for prom; Long Island Limo Rental will welcome just the kinds our chauffeur’s drive.

As a parent or an organizer from the school staff, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your children. You can be confident that their care and safety is our prime concern and relax while your children enjoy the night of their lives.

BOOK NOW! One of a Kind Prom Limousine Service Long Island

Out of all the prom limo, long island services our prom limo rental is the best in long island and promises the most exclusive, premium experience one could wish for. Everything about our service, from pick-up to chauffeurs, from music to amenities, from safety to reliability, style, and more screams luxury.

To ensure you get the service, book your limo for prom in Long Island now before bookings get full due to the busy prom season.

How much does it cost to rent a limo for prom?

Prom Limo Pricing

Picture Vehicle Passenger Capacity 6 Hour Prom 10 Hour Prom Add'l Hour
LINCOLN MKT SEDAN 3 $400 Call Call
LINCOLN MKT LIMO 7 $800 Call Call
TRANSIT LIMO BUS 12 $675 Call Call
SPRINTER LIMO BUS 12 $725 Call Call
29 PASSENGER LIMO BUS 29 $1550 Call Call

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