Ford Transit 12 Passenger Van Rental in Long Island, NY

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Ford Transit 12 Passenger Van Rental in Long Island, NY

Long Island Limo Rental is pleased to present our magnificent and exceptional Ford Transit 12 Passenger van rental service on Long Island. This vehicle is perfect for large groups of people seeking transportation. Our chauffeur will work professionally and courteously to provide the best driving to your group. If you’re with a group and want to make a grand entry at your anniversary celebration, bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday party, etc, we recommend this van.

Excellent 12 Passenger Van Rental in Long Island For Wine Tours 

You can anticipate a hassle-free wine tour using our 12 Passenger Van Limo Rental service to visit Long Island’s famous wineries. Giving you a well-organized tour of some of Long Island’s most stunning vineyards and special wine sampling chances is our top priority. You and your group can have an outstanding wine tour transportation experience while using the amenities provided in our 12 Passenger van

Our team of professional drivers will be happy to provide you with an enjoyable wine tour. We can take you and your group  to some of the finest wineries on Long Island, such as;

  • Pindar Vineyards 
  • Palmer vineyards 
  • Pugliese vineyard
  • Raphael Winery

Luxurious 12 Passenger Van Rental For Bachelor or Bachelorette in Long Island

If you are looking for an amazing Bachelor’s or Bachelorette party, you would need the services of a large vehicle to transport you and your entourage comfortably. Long Island Limo Rental offers our 12 Passenger van rental to comfortably transport your group safely to your party destination. We understand the needs of our clients, that’s why we offer amenities in our 12 Passenger van rental such as;

  • LCD TV
  • iPod Hook-up/DVD
  • Refreshments 

Best Long Island 12 Passenger Van Rental For Birthday Parties 

Birthdays come but once a year, this is why we try to make them as memorable as they can be. You can use Long Island limo rental’s 12 Passenger party limo in Long Island to transport your group to anywhere you choose to spend such a special day.

Our 12 Passenger van rental can be used to carry everyone in one vehicle for a fun and engaging experience. Passengers who are coming from a distance are recommended to board at the stop that is closest to them. You and your entourage can then enjoy our party bus wine tour in Long Island to view the wineries and vineyards for a classy birthday celebration. With this, you can embark on a pleasant wine trip with your friends, coworkers, or family. 

Dependable Long Island 12 Passenger Van Rental For a  Wedding

With the help of Long Island Limo rental’s Long Island 12 Passenger van for weddings, you can set your planning worries aside and concentrate entirely on celebrating and taking in this momentous day with your loved ones while also spending quality time with your spouse. We’ll make sure you and your guests arrive on time, in comfort, and at the appropriate place. The size of our van is big enough to accommodate your group. Also, you would enjoy maximum comfort on your plush seats. We will ensure your guests arrive on time for your special day.

Comfortable Long Island 12 Passenger Van Rental For a Memorable Prom 

Our outstanding Long Island 12-passenger van rental for prom is perfect for a fantastic prom after the school year so that your teen can have a safe trip with friends. The excitement of taking a luxurious van and then arriving at the prom venue in style and class is likely to get people’s attention. Our professionally-trained drivers will pick up and drop off your child’s group safely because they are aware of the importance of keeping your children safe on such an important day.

Classy Long Island 12 Passenger Van Rental For a Romantic anniversary Celebration 

If you have a large company and you would like to celebrate your anniversary without any hassles, you can rely on our 

Ford Transit 12 Passenger Van Rental in Long Island to give you the best transportation to your venue. We understand that it’ll be better for all the guests to arrive at once for this occasion, instead of some guests arriving late. That’s why our 12-passenger van should be considered for your event. 

Hire our 12 Passenger van rental service and you would not regret it.

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