Some of the Best Outdoor Activities in NYC with Long Island Limo Rental

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Some of the Best Outdoor Activities in NYC with Long Island Limo Rental

Some of the Best Outdoor Activities in NYC with Long Island Limo Rental

Winter or summer, there are always exciting outdoor activities that you can explore in NYC. During summer especially, New Yorkers love soaking in the sun and indulging in a variety of outdoor activities that are highly entertaining. For your transportation arrangement, you can trust us to provide you with the perfect limousine rental in NYC.

From restaurants and outdoor bars to numerous other activities available at NYC parks and other outdoor performances, you cannot have a dull moment when exploring the outdoors in NYC. Of course, the beaches in the city are also some great places to visit to have fun. Some of the best outdoor activities in NYC that you can explore with Long Island Limo Rental include the following:

Watch a Show at Bryant Park

Bryant Park is a top destination to visit during this summer with various Picnic Performances taking place at the park. Thanks to the support from Bank of America, about 25 in-person and live events will be taking place at the park featuring many performers from top art institutions in the city. From musical concerts to various other performances, you are surely going to be entertained at Bryant Park. 

With the events slated for the summer, Bryant Park will be heavy with vehicle and foot traffic. So, instead of driving or relying on public transportation, you can use our limousine rental in NYC for your transportation. Whether you are going alone or with a couple of friends, we will provide you with the best luxury limo for your return journey.

Watch the Whales in NYC

If you have always been fascinated by sea creatures, going on a whale-watching spree in NYC is a great idea. Join one of the cruises from the Battery Maritime Building and the public ferry docks at East 35th St. and enjoy a 3-hour cruise on the sea. You are sure to come across whales and other exciting marine life species during your cruise. 

Beyond the excitement of watching the whales, the experience you get on board the ship is also something to cherish. The comfortable and luxurious seating, TV, and stocked bars will surely make your adventure very exciting. As you go on your cruise, you will also come across some iconic land-bound landmarks that will boost your knowledge of the terrain. 

Some landmarks you can look out for as you go on your cruise include Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Fort Hamilton, Staten Island, and Governors Island, among others. So, how do you get to the ferry dock? Long Island Limo Rental is at your service. You can trust us to provide you with a bespoke luxury limousine service in NYC from and to the ferry dock. 

Hang Out with Friends at Lincoln Center Green Space

This summer, Lincoln Center will be hosting a series of outdoor events and performances that cover different genres, from music to dance and drama, and more. The Green Space is a park-like space that is designed to accommodate people looking for fun activities. Some of the events are free while some require that you pay a token for the entrance fee.

Get your friends and spend a day out at this destination and have some quality and fun time together. Thinking of how to get everyone to the Green Space? Trust Long Island Limo Rental to offer you the perfect stretch limo service NYC that will take you to and from this destination.

Take a Trip to the Flea Market and Explore Best Outdoor Activities in NYC

If you love sifting through vintage items or you are a foodie, the flea market should be on your top destination to visit list. You can satisfy your age-long desire to shop for the best of antiques and craft jewels. 

While at it, you can take some time to enjoy the gourmet from some of the favorite spots at the market, including Queens Night Market and Brooklyn Flea. You can trust us to provide you with a luxury limo rental in Brooklyn for your adventure. You can surely look forward to a swell time.


No doubt, there are many outdoor activities to engage in while in the city. Whatever outdoor activity you decide to explore, you can trust Long Island Limo Rental to provide your transportation arrangement. We offer high-class limo rental in NYC to any destination of your choice.

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